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What is the electronic cigarette?

Imagine a cigarette that can satisfy even the heaviest smokers’ needs and desires, but eliminates the harmful tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash, toxic chemicals, cancer-causing agents, and smell found in regular cigarettes. Sound like a dream come true? A healthy alternative to smoking?

And now it’s a reality: Smoking has gone high-tech with the introduction of electronic cigarettes, and this new technology is revolutionizing the tobacco industry and enhancing the lives of millions of smokers around the globe.

Electronic cigarettes look, feel and taste exactly like a traditional cigarette. With their slim brown and white profile and glowing amber tip, they can be difficult to distinguish from other cigarettes. They deliver the same nicotine rush that smokers crave. They even produce the same white-grey smoke that people have come to identify with smoking. Yet electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are anything but conventional.

E-cigarettes are actually state-of-the-art devices that provide smokers with the smoking experience, but without many of the harmful side effects. They are comprised of three main components: a nicotine cartridge, an atomizer, and a tiny computer microchip that is attached to a lithium battery. The “cigarette” is activated when the smoker inhales and triggers the microchip. No flame is needed and there is no combustion, thereby eliminating all combustible by-products such as ash, smoke, and carbon monoxide.

How do electronic cigarettes exactly work?

From a smoker’s point of view, e-cigarettes operate just like a traditional cigarette. They inhale, taking a drag on the cigarette, and get a hit of nicotine. Upon exhaling, they release smoke into the surrounding air. The process, on the outside, is exactly the same. This is, in part, why smokers of traditional cigarettes can so easily make the switch to e-cigarettes. There is virtually no difference in the behaviors of a traditional smoker and an e-smoker.

However the internal process couldn’t be more different – and this is what makes electronic cigarettes so revolutionary.

When an e-smoker inhales through the electronic cigarette, the air flow is detected by a small sensor on a computer microchip. This sensor signals a heating element inside the chamber to vaporize a liquid nicotine solution that is stored in the cartridge of the cigarette. This vapor is inhaled by the smoker, delivering the desired nicotine “hit” to the smoker’s lungs. At the same time, an LED light at the end of the cigarette lights up, simulating the glowing ember of a standard cigarette.

When the e-smoker exhales, they release some of the water vapor produced by the atomizer. This looks nearly identical to the white-grey smoke produced by traditional cigarettes yet contains none of the harmful by-products found in traditional cigarette smoke. In addition, e-cigarette smoke contains no odor.

In contrast to traditional cigarettes, which are thrown away after a single use, the nicotine cartridges of electronic cigarettes are reusable. They can be used again and again until they are depleted. Once the nicotine liquid has been used up, the cartridge can be replaced with a new cartridge or refilled by the user. The cartridges come in a variety of different nicotine levels including nicotine-free, low nicotine, medium nicotine, and high nicotine level cartridges. They also come in a wide range of flavors including the traditional standards: tobacco flavor and mint (menthol). E-smokers looking for a little variety can enjoy such flavors as apple, cherry, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee.

The rechargeable battery utilized to operate the e-cigarette is embedded inside the device. This makes electronic cigarettes quick and easy to recharge.  When the internal battery runs low on power, the e-smoker simply connects the device to the included battery charger for a few hours. It’s as easy as charging your mobile phone!

how does the electronic cigarette work

How are electronic cigarettes different from standard tobacco-based cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes do not harm your health or the health of the people around you. Otherwise, there is absolutely no difference at all! The electronic cigarette is a device so sophisticated that there is virtually no difference in the behaviors of a traditional smoker and an e-smoker!

What are the advantages of the electronic cigarette?

Doctors have long been convinced of the dangers that real, traditional cigarettes pose for your health. The by-products of cigarettes have been proven to cause massive health problems, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. In fact, it is estimated that cigarettes are the cause of death in over 30% of cancer cases. The Center for Disease Control in the United States (CDC) has estimated that adult male smokers shortened their lifespan by 13.2 years and female smokers lost 14.5 years of life because of smoking.

How do electronic cigarettes compare to standard tobacco products?

First off, electronic cigarettes are:

  • Tar-FREE
  • Carcinogen-FREE
  • Toxin-FREE
  • Tobacco-FREE
  • Ash-FREE
  • NON-Flammable

Our electronic cigarettes contain NONE of the harmful substances found in traditional cigarettes. Did you know that more than 4,000 different chemicals have been found in regular cigarettes and the resulting smoke they produce? Among these are more than 60 chemicals that are known to cause cancer (carcinogens).

By contrast, our electronic cigarette contains only water, glycerin from plants, and common food flavorings. Smoking our electronic cigarettes allows smokers to completely eliminate all of the harmful substances found in regular cigarettes. Because of this, our e-cigarettes are immeasurably better for your health, and the health of the people around you.

Take a look at the table below. It effectively summarizes the key differences between conventional cigarettes and the e-cigarette.
Conventional Cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes
Includes Carcinogens: More than 40! Absolutely None!
Includes Toxins: More than 4.000! Absolutely None!
Includes Carbon Monoxide: YES NO!
Includes Nicotine: YES Varies (based on your cartridge choice)
Includes TAR: YES Absolutely NOT!
Restricted in public spaces, restaurants, bars etc: YES NO! Can be smoked anywhere!
Produces passive (secondhand) smoke: YES NO - its 100% safe for you and the people around you
Economical Cost: HUGE Minimal - Save up to 90% of your money
Electronic cigarettes ELIMINATE all of the dangerous, scary aspects of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are also:

  • Odor-FREE
  • Eco-friendly

Because electronic cigarettes release only water vapor, which looks like smoke but is actually just a water mist, they do not carry the malodor and dangerous by-products of traditional cigarettes. This also makes them highly eco-friendly, since the only by-product an e-smoker produces is water.

It is for this reason that our electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere. YES, you read that right – anywhere!

Traditional cigarettes have been banned from many venues including restaurants, bars, airports, classrooms, and many workplaces. This is due to the health risks that regular cigarettes pose to the public. When you smoke a traditional cigarette, you exhale dangerous secondhand smoke into the air that can harm anyone around you who may breathe it in. Your smoke is not only dangerous for you – it can even cause health problems in non-smokers.

However, this problem is completely eliminated when you smoke an electronic cigarette. Since electronic cigarettes do not produce secondhand smoke, they are completely safe around smokers and non-smokers alike. Our electronic cigarettes produce only water vapor, similar to the steamy mist you inhale while taking a shower. This makes them safe to use in all public and private areas.

Electronic cigarettes are safe to use in places where traditional smoking has been banned!

Electronic cigarettes are also:

  • Economical
  • Waste reducing

Electronic cigarettes can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run. Consider the rising costs of traditional cigarettes. Increasing taxes in the United States have pushed the average price of a single pack of cigarettes (20 cigarettes) over $6 a pack. Even worse, some cities are charging smokers as much as $9 a pack! For a smoker who goes through a pack a day, this equates to a cost of $2190 - $3285 a year!

By contrast, an electronic cigarette smoker needs only to buy the initial starter kit and the subsequent cartridge refills. Refill cartridges come in lots of 10 cartridges, which are the equivalent of a pack each (10 cigarette packs in total). These will cost you just $10, so you are getting the equivalent of 10 packs of cigarettes for $1 each. An e-smoker will spend about $500 a year, a huge savings over traditional cigarettes. And that doesn’t even include the cost of lighters, which you won’t need since e-cigarettes are flameless.

Switching to our electronic cigarette will save you $4-7 for EACH pack of cigarettes you consume. A smoker who consumes a pack a day will save an estimated $1690-$2785 a year just by performing the switch!

Plus since you won’t be throwing away endless cigarette butts, cigarette packaging, and empty lighters, you are reducing the waste you are producing and decreasing your negative impact on the environment.

Finally, electronic cigarettes match the smoking experience delivered by traditional cigarettes. Long-terms smokers often find that they not only crave the nicotine rush that smoking provides, but that they also enjoy the behavioral rituals and social experience that smoking offers.

Electronic cigarettes meet these needs by:

  • Delivering nicotine to the smoker, in the level and amount desired
  • Holding the actual cigarette (an e-cigarette looks and feels just like a regular cigarette)
  • Inhaling (e-smokers inhale to activate the nicotine vapor, just as they inhale on a regular cigarette)
  • Exhaling smoke (e-smokers produce a water vapor that looks exactly like real smoke, only it is completely safe and free of all harmful smoking by-products)

The benefits are clear - Isn’t it time you made the switch and discovered how electronic cigarettes can change your life?

IF you are a smoker or somebody you care for has adopted this self-destructive habit, then you need to take immediate action! Smoking KILLS. Switch from conventional, cancer-causing cigarettes to the healthy alternative - the electronic cigarette. Act now and change your life forever!

Quick Questions and Answers

(?) How long does an electronic cigarette last?
In general terms, an electronic cigarette is a device just like your mobile phone or your mp3 player. Taking good care of your electronic cigarette will ensure it will serve you for years to come.
(?) Since an electronic cigarette is not consumed, what will my expenses be after I buy the initial starter kit?
Your only expense after buying the electronic cigarette will be purchasing additional cartridges. This is no different from buying normal cigarettes - only it's a lot cheaper and it doesn’t harm you or the people around you!
(?) How much do the cartridges cost? What is the economical benefit?
Each pack of 10 cartridges costs $10. Since 10 cartridges are equivalent to 10 packs of cigarettes, the economical benefits are obvious. Where else can you buy 10 packs of cigarettes for just $10?
(?) What type of cartridges do you supply?
We supply 4 main types of cartridges. Cartridges without nicotine, cartridges with a low nicotine level, cartridges with a medium nicotine level, and cartridges with a high nicotine level. For each of those 4 categories, there are different tastes available. Examples include (but are not limited to) vanilla, coffee, chocolate, mint (menthol), and caramel. To review a full menu of our product offerings, visit the Purchase Section.
(?) What type of cartridges will I receive when I purchase an electronic cigarette? How many cartridges are included?
Every electronic cigarette comes with 10 FREE cartridges. You will be able to specify which type you would like to receive with your order.
(?) If I run out of cartridges, how can I buy more?
We carry a full line of replacement cartridges, and are happy to supply our customers with a variety of electronic cigarette-related products.
(?) How can I place and specify the details of my order?
Our online order form will allow you to quickly and easily 'craft' even the most demanding order.
(?) What happens if my electronic cigarette stops working?
As long as you haven’t broken your electronic cigarette in half or lit it on fire, there is no need to worry! We provide a 1-year warrantee to all our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction.
(?) I noticed you are providing electronic cigarettes at a very low price, as compared to other websites. How can do you this?
Our profits are just a small fraction of the cost of our products. We don’t mark our prices artificially high, like our competitors, to make large profits off our customers. In addition, we are first-hand (direct) distributors of our products. This allows us to avoid the high costs incurred by a chain of re-distributors, and allows us to pass along the savings to you, our valued customer.
(?) How may I contact you if I have additional questions?
You are welcome to use our contact form to submit any further questions. We are glad to assist each and every one of one of our customers.

So what are you waiting for? Perform the switch now and change your life forever!